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Tushaco Pumps

Tushaco Three Spindle Screw Pump ( Series T3S )

Tushaco Three Spindle Screw Pump ( Series T3S )

Approx. Rs 10,000 / Unit(s)

"TUSHACO" - a leading name in the field of Positive Displacement Rotary pumps since 1968 introduced for the first time in India the concept of "Three Screw Pumps" already in 1970's. Foreseeing the growing demand for totally reliable fuel and lube oil pumps for Thermal and Hydel Power Plants, Fertilizer, Chemical and Steel Projects a beginning was made by importing critical components and building pumps locally. Over decades, thousands Three Screw pumps have been manufactured and delivered. Valuable experience gained and modern manufacturing and testing facilities established under joint collaboration from world-renowned German company.

Working Principle 
TUSHACO Three Screw pumps employ just three screw elements - one power screw and two idler screws running in the three precision bores in the housing or liner. The screws are so profiled that they form a liquid tight seal between the thread. As the screws rotate, pockets/ cavities are formed where liquid gets trapped and conveyed from one end of the infinite stroke. This results in smooth, pulsation free flow with extremely low noise and vibration levels, almost impossible to be achieved by any other design of positive displacement or other types.

Performance Range











T 3S L





T 3S N





T 3S M





T 3S H





Figures given are indicative for range only considering speeds upto 2900 RPM. 
Three screw pumps can run to speeds upto 10000 RPM under special conditions.

+ Higher viscosities can be handled upto 50, 000 cSt or more. 
* Higher temperatures upto 250°C can be handled with special execution.

Tushaco Two Spindle Screw Pump ( Series TS )

Tushaco Two Spindle Screw Pump ( Series TS )

Approx. Rs 10,000 / Unit(s)

Typical Applications call for Tushaco


Typical Liquid List mastered by Tushaco


Advantages make Tushaco the leader


Key Industries rely on Tushaco



TS Series Data

Model TS

Intel outlet size ANSI 150 # or Din NP 16

Capacity range @ 1450 rpm M3 / Hr.


3" ( NB 80 )

10 to 24


6" ( NB 150 )

20 to 100


8" ( NB 200 )

80 to 150

Temperature of pumped liquid

up to 1800C

Inlet pressure

up to 6 bars

Outlet Pressure

up to 16 bars

Viscosity range

0.6 to 1500 cSt

Relief Valve

built on

Jacketing Arrangement


Tushaco External Gear Pump ( Series EG )

Tushaco External Gear Pump ( Series EG )

Approx. Rs 10,000 / Unit(s)

Tushaco Internal Gear Pumps

Tushaco Internal Gear Pumps

Approx. Rs 10,000 / Unit(s)

The very first pump produced by TUSHACO in 1968 was an Internal Gear Pump Model R-1-G for low-pressure burner service - till this day it is in production with great success. Subsequently only TUSHACO had the foresight to introduce several other exotic designs, to take care of growing industrial demands, thus placing themselves on the forefront in the field of Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps. Experience gained over years in designing and building Rotary Pumps combined with knowledge in Application Engineering has resulted in this development of New Stainless Steel Internal Gear Series specifically for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Computer aided designs, CNC in-house machining facilities and sophisticated test beds, together with TUSHACO dedication made instant success of the New Internal Gear "IG" series from day one.

Working Principle 

TUSHACO IG series employs proven Internal Gearing (Gear within Gear) principle for pumping. The main gear is keyed to the drive shaft, and rotates concentric in the pump casing. Idler is located on an eccentric pin on the front cover to rotate freely and meshes with main gear when assembled. A crescent shaped partition precision machined on the front cover maintains a small, but positive clearance to achieve perfect scaling between parts. As the gears come out of mesh, a partial vacuum is created, forcing the fluid to rush into the pump casing and fill in the voids between the teeth. Both gears rotating in the same direction of rotation gently transfer the fluid to the delivery port. The resulting action is a smooth-steady flow; low in pulsation, noise and vibration.

Single shaft design well supported on outboard bearing (except for one inside sleeve bearing) enables to pump products even with poor lubricating value unlike in the external gear pumps. External bearing construction offers easy access the pump components i.e., rotor set and even pump casing simply by removing the front cover without disturbing drive parts, bearings etc., and in place. Block pump mounted integrally on hollow shaft gearbox automatically reduces the speed (in several ratios) and enables even the pump rotor to be pulled out without disturbing the drive! It is easily possible to jacket front and rear covers for products heating - thus making the design unique and versatile - ideally suited for process pumping.



Salient Features


Smooth quite flow


Excellent self priming

Bracket/ Gear box mounting allows free expansion/ contraction - alignment not affected

Insensitive to viscosities

Easy maintenance

All metal construction, no contamination

Built-in reducer offers ideal speed range 240~960 RPM

Single sealing, external bearing

Slow speeds ensure better pumping & longer life

Low noise and pulsation

Reduced maintenance


Tushaco Progressing Cavity Pump

Tushaco Progressing Cavity Pump

Approx. Rs 10,000 / Unit(s)

Design and Operation

Tushaco progressing cavity pump is a positive displacement rotary pump. The actual pumping elements of the pump are rotor and stator. The single helical rotor rolls eccentrically in a double threaded helix stator of twice the pitch length. A series of sealed cavities 180° apart are created that appear to progress from suction to discharge during one rotation of rotor.

Typical Industries, Applications & Fluids




Municipal/ Industrial

Transfer Service Sampling

Polymer Feed Dewatering Sludge Transfer

Chemical Feed

Effluent with & without solids, Milk of Lime

General Sewage Slurry, Media

Protective Chemicals


Centrifuge Charging, Transfer, Filter Charging

Kiln Charging Drainage, Metering, Tank Loading/ Unloading

Pit Emptying Gas Scrubbers

Acids, Adhesives, Caustic Soda, Cellulose, Cement Slurry

Dye , Dye Baths, Flouring, Plaster, Grout,Ink

Lyes, Mortar, Coal Slurry, Lime Slurry


Process Transfer

Loading/ Unloading, Metering


Acids, Adhesives, Colours, Cosmetics, Detergents

Glue, Lacquers, Hair Oil, Hand Washing

Cream, Paints, Shampoos, Waxes

Food Process & Production

Process Transfer

Loading/ Unloading, Metering


 Apple Puree, Baby Food, , Beet Sludge, Biscuit Dough, Citrus Fruit Masher

Cream Cheese, Edible Oil, Eggs, Raw Fats, Fish Residues, Fruit & Berry Masher, Honey, Ice Cream

Lard, Meat Extract, Milk, Mustard, Tomato Paste, Vegetable Oil, , Yeast

Petrochemical Process & Production


Loading/ Unloading


Crude Oil, Oil Sludge

Oil Tank Residues, Processed Oil

Waste Products

Tushaco Internal Lobe Pump (RT)

Tushaco Internal Lobe Pump (RT)

Tushaco Internal Lobe Pump ( RTBP )

Tushaco Internal Lobe Pump ( RTBP )


Only two rotating parts having principle of gear within gear but without crescent.

In built features of speed reduction as pinion is rotated at prime mover speed and outer gear rotates at a lower speed.

Smooth pulsation free flow with low noise level.

Choice of mechanical seal or oil seal

Pumping element directly mounted on motor shaft resulting in extremely compact design. No alignment required.

Light weight and portable.

Precision machined components to guarantee high volumetric efficiency.

Base plate and couplings are eliminated

The pump rotates concentric with motor and does not require checking of alignment.

Pumps available with built in relief valve.




from 3 to 40 LPM



Upto 7 bar



Upto 110ºC



from 1 cSt to 1000 cSt

Models available




Transfer and Barrel unloading

Pressure lubricating & cooling of bearings & gear boxes.

Pumping, heating, cooling and filtering units.

Pre-lubrication of components of machinery before starting.


Very economical and costs fraction of screw pumps

Power consumption is less than conventional pumps. Hence economical in


Tushaco Two Spindle Screw Pump ( Series TD )

Tushaco Two Spindle Screw Pump ( Series TD )

Approx. Rs 10,000 / Unit(s)

TUSHACO Twin Screw pumps employ a unique principle that makes it the only choice for certain applications. No other design of Positive Displacement Rotary pumps offer so much versatility in the operating parameters with guaranteed total reliability and maintenance-free service.

Working Principle
A pair of specially profiled screw, machined integral from solid stock and well supported on antifriction bearings run in precision bored interchangeable casing liners.Each screw set has one RH and one LH screw engaging with a similar but opposite hand screw pair.

Salient Features

Positive clearance between rotors

Insensitive to varying viscosities

No metal to metal contact between rotors

Long maintenance free service

Dry running capability

Lowest NPSHR

Negligible wear over years

Shaft sealing at suction pressures

Axial smooth steady flow

Axial thrusts completely eliminated

High speed running

Interchangeable liner

Pulsation free output

Adaptability of various MOC

Negligible vibrations


Typical Parameters


Temperature: -30 to +350°C

Viscosity: 1cSt to 50,000 cSt or more

Pressure: Normal 16 bar/ 24bar, with special designs upto 50 bar 

Specialties: Partial heating/ complete heating/ cooling arrangements

Sealing: Stuffing box/ mechanical seal with or without quenching/ heating/ cooling

Mounting: Horizontal foot mount/ vertical pedestal 

Accessories: Relief valves, base frame, coupling, coupling guard, companion flanges, pressure gauges, electric motor/ diesel engines, variable speed drives and as per customer requirements.


Typical Applications


Loading / unloading of fuel oil and other products from: Railway wagon rakes, Truck tankers, Barges, Ships and Tankers.

Bulk cargo handling.

Lubrication, circulation and cooling. 

Process pumping of high viscous products, bitumen, molasses, soap and similar products. 

Long distance pipeline pumping of viscous products.

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